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Puppies are available now! 

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If you’re interested in our next litter of our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, please contact us to be added to the Puppy List. This ensures you’ll be among the first to know when our adorable puppies are ready for their forever homes.

Getting a Puppy:

Everything You Need to Know

Before reaching out to us, we encourage you to carefully read our FAQ page or Adoption page. This informative guide is designed to answer most of your questions, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the excitement and responsibility that comes with adding a new furry family member. All puppies are DNA tested for Genetic Defects through Canine Health Check.

Breeding Plans:

Keeping You Informed

  1. We understand how eager you are to welcome a puppy into your home. While we can’t predict exactly when a puppy will be available for you, we promise to provide as much information as possible, allowing you to plan accordingly. We’re thrilled to announce that our Bentley’s Baby E Litter is now available!! We Have 2 Females Left

Our Current Bentley Baby E Litter